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Welcome to InvestorFunding.com.au

InvestorFunding.com.au, the home of Wholesale Information Memorandums.

Wholesale Information Memorandums - We offer professional Information Memorandum writing services on behalf of Corporate Advisors and Professional Services Firms who represent customers seeking investor funding. Our team is experienced, qualified and professional encompassing Accounting, Legal and Professional Business Writing skill set. Other documentation services including Prospectus and Offer Information Statement writing services are also available... more.

Retail Information Memorandums -Customers seeking investor funding documentation are welcome to contact us to discuss their Information Memorandum or investor documentation needs...more.

Prospectus, Product Disclsure Statement, Offer Information Statements, etc - We can  facilitate any type of investor documentation and work with GM Legal Servcies to identify the best product and structure and facilitate such projects.


What Others Say ... "Thank you -To date this is by far the wisest investment I've made. You took my complex Business Plan that I had produced, and reworked it into an easy to understand, attractive sales document that I am so proud of.  You tapped into every key issue that I wanted to present and I believe with the Information Memorandum that you produced for me I will have no problems locking in investors... more